Areas of Practice

As attorneys we represent clients in structuring their business and tax transactions from the business’s inception, during the business’s operations, and finally through the sale of the business. The profiles of our clients range from large manufacturers and real estate developers to emerging companies and high technology corporations. Our firm focuses on the tax and legal aspects of our clients’ businesses and produces practical business solutions to enable our clients to fulfill their goals. Our law firm solves clients’ problems quickly and efficiently.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Establishing and forming corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and joint ventures.
  • Preparing buy-sell agreements among shareholders.
  • Assisting clients to purchase and sell businesses and real estate.
  • Representing clients in leveraged buyouts and management buyouts.
  • Preparing contracts, distribution agreements and licensing agreements between our clients and their customers, suppliers and licensees.
  • Preparing employment agreements, stock option plans and employee benefit plans.
  • Representing clients in negotiations with their lenders.
  • Assisting clients with trusts, estate and tax planning.
  • Assisting clients to structure their businesses to reduce and minimize taxes.

Some examples of our practice areas include taxation, business and commercial transactions, trusts and estate planning, and real estate.