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Tax Law

The Law Offices of Robert A. Briskin, A Professional Corporation serves clients on Federal and California state tax matters in the corporate, individual and partnership tax areas. Taxes play a substantial role in business transactions and their firm creates and implements innovative tax planning for individuals and businesses. Where a transaction or event may be subject to income tax, they attempt to structure the transaction to achieve deferment of the gain by methods such as tax-free exchanges, tax-free reorganizations and installment notes. Should a transaction be subject to tax, they employ techniques to have the transaction’s gain taxed at lower long-term capital gain rates, rather than higher ordinary income tax rates. They work with clients, their accountants and investment bankers to structure their business and company acquisitions and sales in a tax efficient manner. When required, they obtain rulings from the Internal Revenue Service to assist their clients with tax planning.

Some examples of their tax practice are:

  • Structuring tax-free Section 1031 exchanges of real estate, including reverse exchanges, parking arrangements construction and built-to-suit exchanges, parking exchanges of multiple parcels of real estate, and exchanges of major real estate projects.
  • Tax planning of partnership, LLC, and corporate split-ups and divestitures.
  • Reducing or eliminating taxes on a business’s sale to achieve greater after-tax returns. Planning the sale of a business as a sale of corporation stock, sale of assets, leveraged buyout, or tax-free reorganization.
  • Assisting clients in tax-free mergers, share exchanges, and acquisitions of businesses and companies.
  • Devising tax strategies to help clients achieve long-term capital gain treatment on their income and property sales.
  • Advising clients on conversion of properties to condominiums.
  • Helping clients address capitalization versus deduction issues, depreciation and amortization issues, cost segregation studies of assets and tax accounting issues.
  • Assisting clients with tax strategies in loan workouts and debt restructuring.
  • Assisting clients to defer and reduce taxes from their business through the use of multiple entities, subchapter S corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.